Public Engagement

Op-Eds and Other Invited Pieces


Siegel, Derek P. "Trans moms discuss their unique parenting challenges during the pandemic- and what they worry about when things go back to 'normal'." The Conversation. Online. (Over 10,000 views)
Featured interview on the radio show "Let's Go There" with Shira Lazar


Siegel, Derek P. "Microclimates: Contesting a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Trans Equality." Inside Higher Education. Online Publication.


Siegel, Derek P. "Trans People and Reproductive Justice." Reproductive Justice Briefing Book Volume 2: A Primer on Reproductive Justice & Radical Social Change. Edited by SisterSong & CLPP (Civil Liberties & Public Policy).

Other Public Engagement Projects 

Since 2020, I have served as a co-chair on the Syllabus & Teaching Subcommittee with the organization Sociologists for Trans Justice. Together, our sub-committee compiled the #TransJusticeSyllabus, which organizes around the intersection of racial justice and trans liberation. The syllabus has several goals. First, to uplift the work of trans BIPOC scholars. Second, to resist the whitewashing of transgender studies by centering work that explicitly challenges the logics and practices of racism, anti-Blackness, and colonialism. We organized the syllabus around topics that traditionally appear on trans studies syllabi (i.e., Representation) in the hopes that instructors could select readings from our suggested list.

As part of my dissertation research, I compiled a list of parenting resources for trans women. Starting this project, I knew that such resources were scarce and difficult to find, so I created this list to share with potential participants, circulating it alongside my recruitment materials. What I did not expect was how many harmful or irrelevant resources I would need to sift through in order to compile this list. For example, when searching "trans mothers," most of the results are resources for cisgender mothers with trans kids, a phenomenon that not only reflects the erasure of trans motherhood but also centers cis people's needs and experiences. While this list is partial and imperfect (I wanted to keep it under two pages!), I have received consistently positive feedback from participants and other community members who I've shared it with. This is a public document, so feel free to circulate it and to let me know if you have any suggestions for other resources you think I should include: thank you!